At the start of the ninth season of American Horror Story The first eight seasons in the ranking

At the start of the ninth season of “American Horror Story”: The first eight seasons in the ranking

With “AHS: 1984” the ninth season of “American Horror Story” starts finally in Germany. On this occasion we have the previous seasons once again set out to do and packed in a ranking list – sort of the weakest the best.

“American Horror Story” stomped out of the ground as a series-rounder Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk 2011, they would probably not even thought that there are still their series eight years later. All episodes are available on FMOVIES to watch online. With the inspired slasher classic “American Horror Story: 1984” on a killing spree at a summer camp of the TV hit is now entering the ninth season – and one in ten has already received the green light.

Reason enough to venture on the difficult task of packing the previous “American Horror Story” -Seasons times in a ranking, thus highlighting which of the horror stories should be necessarily seen.

Reason enough to venture on the difficult task of packing the previous “American Horror Story” -Seasons times in a ranking, thus highlighting which of the horror stories should be necessarily seen.

Finally, it allows the anthology concept of the series, which presents us with a new setting and new characters every year that you can also watch the seasons mixed up or even safely which can leave. And in either case, the latter might even be better …

Seat 8: “Coven” (season 3)

“Coven” begins as a promising and abysmal horror mix of “X-Men” and “Harry Potter” has suffered in the course but most likely among the weaknesses that “American Horror Story” plague more often. With 13 episodes too long, the season loses increasingly uninteresting side scenes, turns to the many storylines with completely arbitrary twists in circles (with magic is finally everything is possible) and will at some point become just tough and arbitrary.

While we had fun with the other “AHS” squadrons despite a few shortcomings still, we had to fight through literally by the witches Soap – despite the so exciting in the core mother-daughter duel between the usual strong playing Stars Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange.

7th place: “Apocalypse” (Season 8)

Also “Apocalypse” begins – and then leaves much to. The kick-off is a famoser bang, it goes here but nothing less than the end of the world. But after a few episodes carried a stark incision is indeed very surprising in its consequences, but also the first hinted exciting scenario of an oppressive Bunker Chamber game throws completely overboard to precisely the weakest “AHS” season continue. Because more and more turns out to be “Apocalypse” as washing-real “Coven” sequel, it keeps doing but necessary nevertheless introduce another new, completely pale lasting salvation bringer.

Thanks to the beautiful diabolical new signing Cody remote Antichrist, the many cross-references to the larger “AHS” universe and the small Jessica Lange comeback falls “Apocalypse” bottom line but at least entertaining than “Coven”.

6th place: “Hotel” (season 5)

“Hotel” suggests in terms of character development, although many a not quite comprehensible hooks and therefore makes it hard sometimes, really mitzufiebern, yet we kidnapped the season with the devilish eponymous establishment in an exciting (albeit with regard to the local rules much of “Murder House in which as nothing else is black and white, but all gray through and through “reminiscent) parallel world even more.

The awarded for her role Golden Globe Lady Gaga convinces with an engaging presence (though less by her acting), Denis O’Hare provides us with Liz Taylor one of the most touching characters of the series and for receiving the wonderful Cheyenne Jackson the “AHS” family has “hotel” with us anyway good books.

5th place: “Asylum” (season 2)

The second “American Horror Story” season ranked on many leaderboards at the top – and that is no accident. Within the bleak walls of the eponymous institution provides “Asylum” probably the densest atmosphere of all the “AHS” squadrons and performers like Jessica Long, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Zachary Quinto run here in top form.

The interspersed horror set pieces but the makers shoot something out over the target GOMOVIES. Instead of relying solely on the mere Psychiatry horror, we get, you still a Nazi doctor whose disfigured monsters, serial killers, demonic possession and even served Aliens (!). Less would have been more here.

In addition, we do not know still if we Ryan Murphy and Co. for continuous-catchy “Dominique” thank you or they do are more likely to demonize it. but goose bumps, it ensures at least every time:

4th place: “Cult” (Season 7)

“Cult” is probably the most explosive and at the same time smartest “AHS” season. Ryan Murphy (the “Cult” has declared his personal favorite season) uses the background of the incredible victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election in 2016 not a blunt Gebashe against the new head of state, but unravels instead a smart and absolutely nightmarish tale of scaremongering and paranoia.

By Murphy picks up the current mood in his country and continues to turn to extremes, even the horror, or rather a permanent discomfort never falls by the wayside, although “Cult” the well-to-earth of “American Horror Story” squadrons (since the only one without on natural elements). In large part the “AHS” veteran Evan Peters is thanks to the psychopathic as (if not quite uniformly drawn) cult leader delivers an incredibly unsettling and disturbing eerie masterpiece.

3rd place: “Roanoke” (Season 6)

None of “American Horror Story” season ahead as a great secret was made as “Roanoke” for their setting. And it paid off, the sixth season but works best if you previously know as little as possible about it. The playful meta-approach “Roanoke” stands by the also strong from the other seasons, attracts an immediately into the action, the Sun goes to the kidneys even more – especially in connection with some even ultra brutal for “AHS” ratios deposits.

And just as one thinks, the whole thing had been all told, the makers conjure up in the middle of a fascinating season turning out of the hat, on the plausibility one can argue, but which provides a whole new dynamic. “Roanoke” has therefore not least thanks to the unusual (though in terms mockumentary implementation sometimes to the logic limits colliding) format hardly ballast and thus flies by.

2nd place: “Freak Show” (Season 4)

“Freak Show” does not enjoy the best reputation among many “AHS” fans. Us but (where else can you get a sex scene between a two-headed Sarah Paulson and Neil Patrick Harris with ventriloquist’s dummy’s hand donated), but also by her big heart fully drawn the fourth season not only because of their wonderfully absurd ideas into its spell.

Season 4 is just no voyeuristic “Freak Show”, as the title suggests, it also provides a collection of (mostly) lovable outsider with whom you like to meet and expose the people around them as the true geeks. For example, the warped Dandy Mott, who thanks to the completely out of control and acting Finn Wittrock to THE highlights of the season, if not the entire series to be heard.

The whole is rounded off by the superb header that exceeds even the “Murder House” intro in terms of creepiness – the eerie circus sounds with which the fantastic theme music was enriched, is thanks.

1st place: “Murder House” (Season 1)

With “Murder House” then it all started and so much liked us later seasons, so all is not hard to get to the opening season of “American Horror Story”. Everything put basically already in, what still makes up the series and then the possibilities for horror stories raised on television to a new level: (! Especially Jessica Lange) disturbing images, a first-rate cast and all sorts of horror clich├ęs that re thrown together and radiate so a special charm.

Despite all digressions is here – unlike other “AHS” squadrons – never really lost the focus: is the core and will remain “Murder House” opens a tragic family drama that like so many American Horror Story in a bittersweet finale, while a wonderfully wrong-headed kind of happy ending offers.

Then running “American Horror Story: 1984”

Where “American Horror Story: 1984” will fit into all of this, we can find out from today 28 November 2019 on pay-TV.

The nine episodes of ninth “AHS” season run weekly on Thursdays at 21.00 am at the FOX Channel and can then be accessed for a limited time via Sky ticket.