NASA wants to put in orbit a device that will save us from extinction

The Agency plans to one of the most important mission in human history. Thanks to it we learn in advance about the impending catastrophe and we will have time to take appropriate steps to avoid it.It is a new, powerful telescope. It will be lifted into space and from there directly will conduct observations of the most dangerous for the Earth space rocks. At the moment, humanity is completely defenseless against this type of threat, so NASA along with The Planetary Society, they want to change once and for all.The cost of the entire project will be approx. 600 million US dollars. This will be the construction of the telescope, and the costs of his elevation into orbit. This amount, however small it seems, when it comes to protection of humanity from disaster. At the moment, the NEO program, under which searches for and is potentially dangerous to Earth space rocks is not able to monitor such a large number of objects. The new device called NEOCam to improve performance even up to 90 percent, as regards the asteroid with a diameter greater than 140 meters. The telescope is going to give us even 10 years of valuable time to prepare for the worst. NASA highlights here that in this group of asteroids, only 1/3 of them are cataloged and not a potential threat for us. The rest is to be known, thanks to this mission, which is expected to begin in 2024. NASA wants to put into orbit a telescope called NEOCam, which will save us from destruction. Fig. The Planetary Society.”This may be the most important investment ever made by NASA. Early detection and change the orbit of asteroids located on a collision course with Earth could save many lives. Space Telescope to hunt for space rocks better motivate the world to prepare for any potential threat, “- said Bill Nye, head of The Planetary Society.