Friends will disappear from Netflix Because thats no reason to worry

“Friends” will disappear from Netflix, Because that’s no reason to worry!

Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso in this country take the cult series “Friends” in the near future from the program. But Amazon Prime is already waiting in the wings to provide you the day after the Netflix-off again with all 10 seasons.

For US viewers, it was clear for some time: “Friends” will disappear from Netflix. Warner to the 90s cult series belongs, will bring with HBO Max from spring 2020 its own streaming service to start namely. To own content to present possible exclusively there then, the company can therefore run out deals with other platforms such as Netflix gradually.

And this country is in for a change: “Friends” is available in Germany only until 13 November 2019 Netflix. But who subscribe calls his own in the competition from Amazon needs, not to worry:

“Friends” is available in Germany only until 13 November 2019 Netflix.

“Friends” soon on Amazon Prime

How now confirmed Amazon Prime video in a press release, it the rights to the series has secured allaboutmovies. One day after the Netflix-off, that is from 14 November 2019 there will be at Amazon Prime all ten seasons of “Friends” to see, both in English and in German. Whether this also is a long-term solution?

from 14 November 2019 there will be “Friends” can be seen in Amazon Prime, all ten seasons

is possible that Amazon Prime has just gouged its competitors in the race for the last few months “Friends” award technical. It is conceivable, namely that Warners streaming service HBO Max already in 2020 comes to Germany. And for the last 12 months, “Friends” Warner may have simply demanded too high a penny from Netflix.

How long “Friends” on Amazon Prime will be available is not yet known, currently. Warner to the series offers on its own platform HBO Max, it will still take a while.