Hydrogen trucks from Hyundai will look like high-speed trains

The era of ecological road transport. All major carmakers and transport as soon as possible, they want to replace the traditional new drives, electric and hydrogen. Recently kilak times we had a chance to see how they will look and autonomous electric trucks. Several companies have already successfully tested such vehicles on the roads in different parts of the world. But now it’s time for a hydrogen-powered trucks.Although they are not new, because such technologies are being developed for more than a decade, but they are not as popular as conventional electric drives. Asian companies from South Korea and Japan believe in the bright future associated with them and intend to change this sad reality now.This month, Toyota unveiled its new incarnation hydrogen Mirai, and now Hyundai showed his vision of a hydrogen transport. I must admit that promises to be very interesting. Truck called the HDC-6 Neptune looks like high-speed trains, well-known to us from Asia.Koreans have very ambitious plans for the popularization of hydrogen trucks, not only in Asia, but also in America and Europe. Later this year these two continents has hit the first few vehicles intended for such tests. Next year will be their hundreds, and within 3 years, even more than 2,000.Futuristic truck HDC-6 Neptune will offer coverage even at the level of 1,300 kilometers, and its power will be matched this type of vehicles equipped with a diesel engine. On board they found four tanks with hydrogen and powerful electric motors offering 469 horsepower.