Dwayne Johnson meets Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney is planning a mega MCU and it's completely megalomaniac

Disney is a hyperactive jack of all trades. Countless adventures from the mouse studio await us in the next few years from the mighty Star Wars and Marvel worlds. As it now turns out, these are all peanuts. In the next toss, Disney wants to expand its huge Magic Kingdom as a film and series universe, in which Dwayne Johnson and the curse of the Caribbean pirates may soon shake hands.

With Dwayne Johnson and Pirates of the Caribbean: This is Disney's Magic Kingdom Universe

The Magic Kingdom Universe is not so much a collection of coherent stories, but rather a large group of Disney attractions and rides that can be enjoyed at Disney World Florida, for example. When you think of the Disney Castle, you think of the Magic Kingdom.

Fairytale characters next to Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates

So first of all all Disney fairy tales about Snow White are united in the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella, Aladdin or Ariel the mermaid. In addition, there are many other worlds that belong to the magical kingdoms. In the so-called Adventureland, for example, the heroes from Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise are at home, where we will hopefully see Dwayne Johnson soon as the river captain on the screen.

Check out the trailer for Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson here:

The highlight here is the sheer amount: Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise are just two attractions of the part of the Magic Kingdom called Adventureland. And Pirates of the Caribbean alone has made five films so far.

Infinite resources for the new Disney universe

In addition to Adventureland, there are five other worlds with countless rides that, with a little brainpower, can perhaps be transformed into long-lasting film series. At least that seems to be Disney's plan.

If the Magic Kingdom Universe takes off on the big screen, a universe awaits us that could outshine both the MCU and the Star Wars franchise. This megalomaniac plan is now set to begin with a series on Disney.

Bigger than the MCU? This is what we can expect from Disney's Magic Kingdom Universe

The foundation for the new flagship universe is set to be laid by a project called The Society of Explorers and Adventurers, which will be implemented for Disney and Disney's television arm 20th Television (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Details about the story and characters are not yet known. The name alone suggests a proximity to Dwayne 123movie Jungle Cruise adventure, in which a thirst for adventure and discovery are the mainspring for the story.

Sci-Fi creator is responsible for Disney's mega MCU

Responsible for the start of the Magic Kingdom Universe is sci-fi specialist Ronald D. Moore, who has already excelled as the creator of the Battlestar Galactica reboot and the AppleTV series For All Mankind. The reins for Disney's megalomaniac franchise coach now come together with him.

Should The Society of Explorers and Adventurers be a success, he will oversee the entire Magic Kingdom expansion on Disney and other platforms. At his own discretion, Jack Sparrow's privateers may then meet Dwayne Johnson as the adventurous captain in the future. Or Aladdin and Ariel. The possibilities are endless.

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