In March, 3 (!) Marvel series are running at Disney: An overview of all reboots

When Disney launched in Germany in March last year, the program of original content wasn't that full. Eleven months later, things are very different. Thanks to the integration of the Star themed world, there are tons of new films and series coming our way. The titles are now fixed for March 2021.

Three major Marvel series on Disney at the same time

What catches your eye first: Marvel dominates. Three series from the superhero cosmos will run simultaneously on Disney in March. First up is the WandaVision Finale, which might surprise us with a new nasty MCU villain.

Then there is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. At the same time, the first and only season of Marvel's gruesome horror series FMOVIES (starting on February 23, 2021) will be broadcast.

Here you can find the trailer for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:

We are also particularly excited about Raya and the last dragon. This is the next big animated film from Disney. Similar to Mulan, this is published in parallel in the cinema and on Disney. Since the cinemas are still closed in this country, there is at least the streaming variant as an alternative.

On Disney March 5, 2021

On Disney March 12, 2021

On Disney March 19, 2021

On Disney March 26, 2021

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Which films and series are you watching on Disney in March?