Scandalous film on Blu-ray: irreversible is unbearably hard - and incredibly good

Anyone who has vertigo problems falls into an unpleasant nightmare right at the beginning in Irreversible. Even the opening of Gaspar NoƩ's extreme film throws you into the dimly lit rooms of an SM bar for homosexuals, which is shaken by wild aggression and indescribable violence.

After the first 10 minutes or so of irreversible, which leave you completely exhausted, the worst is yet to come. In addition to the unbelievable hardness, Irreversible is also a refined masterpiece that swirls through the structure of similar films and deprives dull revenge of any meaning.

Irreversible is an unforgettable punch in the pit of the stomach - and incredibly good

The great peculiarity of Gaspar Watch Series film consists primarily of its structure. Similar to Memento by Christopher Nolan, the plot runs backwards chronologically. The film starts with the last scene followed by what happened just before.

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Until Irreversible arrives at its supposedly harmonious beginning, the characters suffer through hell on earth. The focus is on the befriended trio Marcus (Vincent Cassel), Pierre (Albert Dupontel) and Alex (Monica Bellucci) who are attending a party. After Marcus misbehaves under the influence of alcohol and drugs, his girlfriend Alex leaves the party early. What happens then should not be revealed at this point.

The spiral of disgusting violence, which is finally set in motion in irreversible, is seldom seen in a film in such a harrowing and detailed manner as here. At the premiere of Irreversibel at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, around 200 people left the hall prematurely and the work caused a scandal.

Gaspar NoƩ's film is not just a test of courage for all die-hard people who want to test their nerves. With the backward-running structure, a reversal of typical revenge films, which present the act of vigilante justice at the end as a kind of redemption, is also irreversible.

Since the cruel revenge in NoƩ's work happens right at the beginning without context (and also hits the wrong person), the director robs this plot of any form of glorification or satisfaction. In addition to all the unbearable violence, irreversible is above all a film that condemns revenge as a senseless, tragic act that in the end only causes more suffering and leaves nothing behind but destroyed bodies and lost souls.

Incidentally, the Blu-ray release of Irreversibel also contains the straight cut of the film on an extra disc. It brings the story back into the correct chronological order and has a much stronger effect than a conventional ripper with a shock guarantee.

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