See how a fully autonomous Tesla deals with a garbage truck on the road For several weeks, the first Tesla have been moving around the United States in full autonomous mode. Vehicle owners post videos on the network where we can see how they are doing on the roads.

On the latest material, we can see Model 3 in action in FSD (Full Self Drive) mode, i.e. in full autonomous mode. The owner decided to show how his car would handle a garbage truck on the road. Admittedly, these vehicles behave quite atypically, as they move slowly and stop from time to time so that employees can empty the containers.

This situation on the road is therefore the best way to see how advanced autonomous systems are and how they will get out of trouble. It turns out the Model 3 did surprisingly well. This should not come as a surprise, because Tesla vehicles have the experience of hundreds of thousands of drivers.

First, Tesla reached the garbage truck and decided to avoid it, but suddenly the vehicle started to move, so she started to follow him and lean into the left lane at the same time to check if the conditions allowed for overtaking. A garbage truck is epicmovienews large vehicle, so cameras and radars have a lot of problems with monitoring the surroundings in front of the vehicle. Tesla did not mind, however, when the garbage truck stopped, the Model 3 easily bypassed the garbage truck and drove on.

In the video you can see that in a few moments the driver's pressure rose when the vehicle started to make some chaotic movements when avoiding, but Tesla was programmed in such a way that driving in autonomous mode imitated a journey with an experienced driver who confidently drives the vehicle. Therefore, sometimes Tesla maneuvers can scare novice drivers a bit or surprise more experienced drivers.