Stream The Walking Dead Season 10: Netflix has a huge disadvantage compared to other providers

The Walking Dead finally returns in less than two weeks with new episodes and loads of questions to be answered. What did Maggie experience in her absence? Will we see the Commonwealth? And how has the global pandemic changed The Walking Dead? I couldn't be more excited for the Season 10 sequel.

If you want to refresh your The Walking Dead memory or catch up on the previous episodes of the season, you can currently find The Walking Dead Season 10 on offer from several streamers - from Amazon to Netflix there is a large selection.

On Netflix, Prime and more, you can stream The Walking Dead Season 10 here

We were kept waiting long enough. These six new episodes bring Season 10 to a close 16 months after its launch. That's a hell of a long time. And the events of the previous episodes fade. The ideal time for a rewatch before moving on.

On March 1, 2021, the new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 will start in Germany on the FOX Channel. There are fresh episodes to be streamed every Monday on Sky and Magenta TV.

You can watch the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 10C here:

In order to watch the first 16 episodes of season 10 (and of course all seasons before that), you don't necessarily have to have a Sky subscription, you can currently choose from 6 different providers.

All previous seasons and the first 16 episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 are available at:

All Netflix subscribers can also stream The Walking Dead in their flat. If you want to watch season 10, you get the short straw here. Because currently only 15 episodes of season 10 are available on Netflix. Episode 16, which was originally conceived as the season finale, is still a long time coming.

From February 23, 2021 you will also find The Walking Dead in the new Star area at Disney. The first 16 episodes of Season 10 are available here.

The Walking Dead: This is what awaits you in the new season 10 episodes

After the end of the war against the Whisperers, there is no breather for the survivors from Alexandria and Co. With Maggie's surprising return after many years, a new conflict threatens to break out: Can she forgive the (more or less) rehabilitating Negan?

The episodes filmed under strict hygiene regulations will change The Walking Dead noticeably. Instead of large zombie hordes and epic battles, intimate character stories await us - including the tragic prehistory of Negan and his wife Lucille.

In addition to seeing Negan, Carol, Daryl and Co. again, we can look forward to new faces in The Walking Dead. Hilarie Burton Morgan (as Lucille), Robert Patrick and Lynn Collins guest stars on Season 10C. Maggie's masked companion Elijah is also allowed to show his face for the first time and is played by Okea Eme-Akwari (known from Cobra Kai season 3).

After Season 10: This is how it continues in the The Walking Dead universe

The Walking Dead will come to an end with Season 11 in 2022. XMOVIES8 the flagship of the zombie franchise is saying goodbye, there will be even more The Walking Dead to see in the future than before. This year alone you can expect 5 new seasons from The Walking Dead cosmos.

In addition, 5 new films and series from The Walking Dead franchise are already in development:

After The Walking Dead Season 10: Our theories about the end of the series in Season 11

The Walking Dead ends after season 11 and we clarify all the questions you have about it in the Moviepilot podcast Stream Flurry:

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Are you looking forward to the new episodes of The Walking Dead season 10?