Superman Henry Cavill still hopes to play the superhero for several years

British actor Henry Cavill, the embodiment of the legendary Superman since 2013, has just declared that he would like to play the role for several years.

Superman, it wins you! Henry Cavill, who has played the legendary DC superhero since 2013 and is currently in negotiations to find him several times on screen, has just declared that he would like to play the role for several years. “I have always been a Superman fan, ” enthuses the 37-year-old British actor during an interview with the Variety site. “With such a character, you always have the cape on you, even off the stage. The character becomes part of your public image.” Watch Superman on online for free

“When I meet children, they do not necessarily see me as Henry Cavill, they can see Superman. And that gives a great responsibility”, continues Henry Cavill, who exchanged for the occasion with his colleague Patrick Stewart. “As a wonderful character, this is a responsibility that I am happy to shoulder, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to play more Superman in the years to come.”

Henry Cavill, who has played the man of steel on the big screen three times (in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League ), believes that this character has advanced him as a person. “He is so good, so nice. When you start comparing yourself to him, because you play him, you really start to introspect,” says the actor. “You say to yourself,” Am I a good person? Am I a good enough person to play Superman? “And if there ever is a little voice that says” Hmmm, wait a second. Maybe not, “so you adjust your behavior and make yourself a better person.”

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