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Russia says it has an even more effective vaccine against CoVID-19

Russia, like many other countries, very quickly set to work on its own vaccine against Covid-19. This one is called Sputnik V and it became famous a few months ago, when its producer obtained the necessary permits from Vladimir Putin before Phase 3 of the tests began. Unlike the Pfizer vaccine, which relies on modern experimental mRNA technology, Russian trials are much more traditional and involve the use of innocuous forms of adenovirus to help the immune system recognize SARS-CoV-2 proteins. It should be noted that this is a proven and safe method, but at the same time many specialists are concerned that the prevalence of adenoviruses may be an obstacle to its effectiveness.

DARPA has unveiled the amazing capabilities of its latest exoskeleton

The presented exoskeleton was built specifically to support its user during intense walking and running. It can also be a great complement to the rehabilitation program for people who have suffered various accidents and want to regain full strength as soon as possible.

Now, in the InPost parcel locker, you can send the parcel via the app, without printing the label

InPost has just announced that it has introduced a new form of sending parcels to its offer. Now you no longer have to worry about printing special labels and sticking them to packages. You will be able to complete the shipment using your smartphone and application.

Reddit has finally shared its user count data

Until now, Reddit has avoided sharing information publicly about the number of users, but eventually a breakthrough happened and, following the example of other social media, it decided to list the number of daily active users, the most used measure to determine audience size. So how does this "front page of the internet" fare? Honestly, not too bad, although we are still talking about over three times fewer users than in the case of Twitter, because Reddit is visited by 52 million people daily, while Twitter has a result of about 187 million.