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An intelligent material was created that recognizes what we put on it

All this, and much more, will soon be possible thanks to intelligent material being developed by Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA. This experimental creation is called Capacitivo and consists of a cotton substrate with an elastic lattice of interconnected diamond-shaped electrodes that have been heat-applied. When a non-metallic object is placed on it, its characteristic electric field uniquely affects the electrode capacitance. Variables such as the material the object is made of, its shape and size, determine the electric field and thus change the aforementioned capacity.

DARPA has unveiled the amazing capabilities of its latest exoskeleton

The presented exoskeleton was built specifically to support its user during intense walking and running. It can also be a great complement to the rehabilitation program for people who have suffered various accidents and want to regain full strength as soon as possible.

NASA confirms that Earth's new mini-moon is old space debris

It's called 2020 SO, and it has been approaching our planet for over a year. Astronomers report that the object was intercepted by our planet's gravity in September and will remain in its tentacles until March 2021. What is this object?

See how a fully autonomous Tesla deals with a garbage truck on the road

On the latest material, we can see Model 3 in action in FSD (Full Self Drive) mode, i.e. in full autonomous mode. The owner decided to show how his car would handle a garbage truck on the road. Admittedly, these vehicles behave quite atypically, as they move slowly and stop from time to time so that employees can empty the containers.

NASA showed what the landing of a rover and drone on Mars will look like in February

The American Space Agency has published new footage on its YouTube channel. In the animation we can see the most important part of the Mars 2020 mission, namely the moment the device lands on Mars. On board the lander, which has been heading towards this planet since July this year, there was a large rover and the first drone in history.

This is what the transport of a 67 meter long wind turbine rotor blade looks like

The Luxembourg company P. Adams Schwertransporte showed on its Facebook profile how turbine components are transported through the towns. It is a very complicated endeavor and it is not intended for the faint of heart.