Tarantino reveals: This is how it continues after “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” with Leonardo DiCaprios Rick Dalton

After the furious finale of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” one can certainly ask what actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) will expect afterwards. As Quentin Tarantino now reveals, the showdown ultimately plays a major role.

Attention, spoilers for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” follow.

Based on film heroes of the 1960s, such as Ty Hardin , Quentin Tarantino created the role of Rick Dalton ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) in his Hollywood homage ” Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ” as a television actor who ultimately was never able to make his big breakthrough – before he knew it, it was “hippies” like “Easy Rider” star Dennis Hopper that took his place as a new ideal of masculinity.

With a spectacular, brutal finale, Tarantino not only rewrites the story of the Manson murders, but also enables his protagonist to achieve future successes. And as the director now reveals, the orgy of violence at the end of his film is even directly linked to Dalton’s later career.

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This happened at the end of the film: The Manson disciples don’t get into Sharon Tate ( Margot Robbie ), but with their neighbor Rick Dalton. Together with his stuntman Cliff Booth ( Brad Pitt ) and his dog Brandy, he knows how to defend himself against the intruders. The climax of the final, bloodthirsty argument: Dalton takes his flamethrower out of the shed with which he once barbecued a few Nazis in “The 14 Fists Of McCluskey” – and with it the attacker Sadie ( Mikey Madison ) floating in his pool goes up in flames .

This happened afterwards: According to Tarantino, Dalton then put the “hippies” (together with Cliff) in the gates in the media – especially because he used the legendary film prop. “Then he is asked again,” said Quentin Tarantino . Dalton is no longer a mega-star, but “The 14 Fists Of McCluskey” is played up and down on Channel 5, which gives his career a boost: “He is offered some films – low-budget films, but already studio productions. “

It is not really surprising that Quentin Tarantino is concerned about the fictional future of his characters. In order to create characters that were as authentic as possible, he finally worked on their prehistory for years. For example, Rick Dalton has extensive filmography that is only marginally touched on in the film. These are details that you, as a viewer, hardly notice or not at all, but which Tarantino nevertheless attaches great importance to because they only complete his story for him.


Incidentally, it can be seen in many places that “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” has a very special status for Tarantino himself. Because he can’t really let go of his ninth film half a year after the theatrical release: in addition to a 4-hour version of the film, which should be released in the not too distant future, a 30-minute bonus film recently became an  Oscar – Candidate released.

In addition, the cult director is also working on an actual implementation of ” Bounty Law ” – the fictional western series in which Rick Dalton mimics the hero in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. It is not yet known when the series will be released. Tarantino himself wants to stage all the episodes himself, DiCaprio also returns.

“Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood” is however as VOD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray * commercially available. The film is also available for collectors in the  Steelbook * and as a  Collector’s Edition * in vintage style.

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